In general, banks are reluctant to grant loans in a currency other than PLN. So first you need to find out where the income in euros will be accepted. If someone receives a salary in another currency, they must take into account that their chances of getting a loan in Poland are even lower.

The point is that in connection with the issuance of the S Recommendation by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, it can be drawn only in the currency in which the income is paid. In this way, the risk arising from exchange rate changes is eliminated. Considering that in Europe most transactions are carried out in euros, it is already a so-called “tame” currency that Polish banks rather grant loans in it.

However, before signing a loan agreement

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It is worth figuring out whether there are no more favorable offers on the market, where, for example, less own contribution is required, because the range can be quite large here. Another issue that may prove problematic is the form of professional activity. People who present a work contract or contract are in the best position. On the other hand, entrepreneurs operating in another country often do not get credit.

As a last resort, one more option can be considered – joining a loan with a person who earns in PLN. Of course, it must be someone who can bear a heavy load of the order of several dozen or several hundred thousand zlotys.

Better credit chances, zero stress

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